About 93 kms southwest from Santiago, in Cajón del Maipo, the National Natural Monument, Park El Morado, is located, It is a protected area in the heart of the Andes. It encompasses the Morales Stream and the adjacent mountains, enhancing the magnificent mountain El Morado, highest mountain at an altitude of 5.060 meters (16.596 feet) ASL (above sea level), which also gives the name to the park.
Deeper in the range, we will get into Cajón del Arenas starting a beautiful trek for about 2 or 3 hours until we reach the lake where the thousand-year-old ice from Colgante Del Morado lies.

- We will leave Santiago heading into Cajón del Arenas (Andes Range) at 08:00 AM.
- Arrival in Cajón del Arenas: 10:30 AM aprox.
- 2 hours and 30 minutes trek.
- Box lunch.
- Back to the car. We will end the day over brunch in a quiet place enjoying a selection of cheese, Spanish cured ham (jamón) and Chilean wine.
- Arrival to Santiago 07:00 PM aprox.

Physical effort: Medium
Difficulty: Medium
It includes: Transportation, guide, box lunch, drinks, Spanish style food and Chilean wine.

Price per person: $135.000 Chilean pesos private excursion, minimum 2 passengers.