In this expedition we will climbe several mountains, like ( 7 Hermanos 4.837 meters, Barrancas Blancas 6.119 meters, Vicuna 6.067 meters and Ojos del Salado 6.893 meters).



The Volcano Ojos del Salado is located in the North of Chile, to 260 Kilometres from Copiapo’s city, is the highest active Volcano on the World, the highest mountain in Chile and the second high mountain in America, overcome only by Aconcagua mountain.
This one is a hard physical expedition it has 6.893 meters on the sea level, it has only a small thecnical way in the last meters, this is a great challenge for climbers arround the World.

For being an ascension very heigh, we will have to loock in the itinerary if we are with good acclimatization, to see if we raise the summits of Barrancas Blancas and Vicuna, or keep the energies for Ojos del Salado summit, and We make only approximations to the secondary summits.

On The 01st Day: Aeroport – Copiapo
On The 02st Day: Copiapo – Valle Chico (3.000 m.s.n.m) small trekking in the zone.
On the 03nd: Valle Chico (3.000 mts. s.n.m) – Laguna Santa Rosa (3.700 m.s.n.m)
On The 04rd: Laguna Santa Rosa acclimatization, in mountain 7 Hermanas. (4.837 m.s.n.m)
On the 05th: Laguna Verde or Murray Refuge
On the 06th: Ascent to Mulas Muertas mountain (5.600 m.s.n.m) – Laguna Verde (4.342 m.s.n.m) or Murray
On The 07th: We rest in Laguna Verde or Murray.
On the 08th: Ascent to the proximities of the mountain Vicuna (6.067 m.s.n.m m) or Barrancas Blancas (6.119 m.s.n.m) (if we feel with energy we can do summit) – Atacama Refuge (5.200 m.s.n.m m).
On the 09th: Atacama Refuge (5.200 m.s.n.m m) – Tejos Refuge (5.800 m.s.n.m m)
On the 10th: We rest in Atacama Refuge (5.200 m.s.n.m)
On The 11th: Tejos Refuge (5.800 m.s.n.m m) – Summit Ojos del Salado (6.893 m.s.n.m) – Laguna Verde. (4.342 m.s.n.m)
On The 12th: day extra
On The 13th: Laguna Verde – Copiapo
On The 14th: Copiapo – Aeroport

• 1 guide every 3 climbers
• Transpoftation of the passengers in vehicle 4×4
• 2 nights Hotel accommodation
• Telephone Satelital · Tents of mountain (1 tent every 2 persons)
• Tents of mountain (1 tent every 2 persons)
Dining room tent with tables and chairs
• Complete Equipment of kitchen
• All the meals in the expedition (Breakfast, lunch, Dinner)
• First aids kit
• Oxygen tank.
• Pulsimeter and oximetro
• Radioes VHF
• Permission of Direction of Limits and Borders of the State, does not have cost
• Permission of the Park in copiapo has USD’s cost 200 as person, for the present time he does not recover up to new concession.

• Personal Services (laundry, bebestibles, show restraint in restaurants, etc.)
• Personal Equipment of mountain.
• Expenses incurred rescues or I retire early of the expedition.
• Delays for flights Or any form of transport which are a responsibility of the passenger.
• Meteorological Changes that could affect the expedition.

• Personal Equipment of Mountain.
• Insurance of accident and rescue. We recommend to you to obtain one of these insurances.
• Any other service not mentioned in the program. (lunch in restaurant, drinks, laundry, tips, etc.)
• National or international Flights and rates of loading.
• Permission to climbe USD 200, only we will pay in case that concesione the zone.